1. Outstanding level of image quality.
  2. Unprecedented level of comfort.
  3. Quick and easy imaging.
  4. Open bore design.
  5. Minimal repositioning needed.
  6. Handles up to 550 lbs.

Pushing all the boundaries.

MAGNETOM Espree with I-class offers a spacious 30 cm (one foot) of headroom and a 55.5 cm (1’10”) patient gap. That means: More headroom, more legroom, more elbowroom. No longer will the patient feel like they’re nose-to-nose with the magnet. Particularly claustrophobic or anxious patients are more relaxed throughout their examination.

Feet first and heads out for most exams.

Thanks to MAGNETOM Espree’s short 125 cm magnet, 60% of all applications can be done with the patient’s head outside of the Open Bore. So for everyone 157 cm (5’2″) and taller, every scan below the chest can be done that way. Also, your patients will enjoy the most open lumbar scan in the market. This is CT-like comfort married to true high-field power which wasn’t possible before in any conventional Open system.

Ultra lightweight coils

We’ve lightened the load. For everyone. For example, our Body Matrix coil weighs only 950 grams (33.5 ounces). Significantly more comfortable, especially for sick patients. There’s also no need to invest in a separate set of dedicated coils for obese patients. That’s because with Tim and the flexibility of the Matrix coils, you can combine the coils in the vertical, as well as the left-right axis.

Advanced Tim technology

With Tim (Total imaging matrix), MAGNETOM Espree offers superb imaging performance. Your staff and patients benefit from more flexibility, accuracy, speed, and diagnostic confidence.
Tim integrated coil technology changed MRI forever. With excellent image quality and fast acquisition speed, the proven technology is now in nearly 8,000 installations. Whole-body coverage means no repositioning for multiple exams and more exams per day.

Your benefits:

Exceptional image quality
Faster acquisition and exam time
Higher SNR

Trendsetting in patient comfort

With MAGNETOM Espree, you and your patients – can change the way you think about open MRI. The 70 cm inner diameter makes CT-like comfort possible. And, the scanner is remarkably short with 125 cm that enables head-out or feet-first for most exams.

Increase patient comfort by the combination of 125 cm ultra-short system length with 70 cm Open Bore
Expanding care to a wider range of patients (e.g. claustrophobic or obese patients)
Broadening clinical possibilities (e.g. interventional MRI or kinematic studies)

New dimensions in applications

MAGNETOM Espree helps to diagnose extremely challenging diseases with a high level of confidence. It facilitates the evaluation of complex pathologies and difficult patients.

In each clinical field, syngo® MR applications, powered by Tim, are helping to create the future of MRI. MAGNETOM Espree offers a high level of flexibility with innovative applications for each body part. And with Tim you can seamlessly scan up to 205 cm with no patient repositioning or coil changes for true whole-body functionality.